Yhä useammat NFL pelaajat puhuvat lääkekannabiksesta

Yhä useammat NFL pelaajat puhuvat lääkekannabiksesta

Katsokaa oheinen linkki ja video.

Kenties joku jaksaa tehdä käännöksen tästä. vink vink..

Eikös tässä olisi jutunjuurta myös suomalaiselle urheilumedialle?

“NFL offensive lineman Eugene Monroe has done something no other active NFL player had ever done before – advocated for medical cannabis.

And now another active NFL player – Derrick Morgan of the Tennessee Titans – is joining his side, and together they are sparking a lot of important conversations about the medical value of this plant.

“I’d like to know why the NFL is maintaining such a stern position on the medical value of cannabis when countrywide doctors are prescribing it to their patients,” Monroe says in an exclusive interview with Katie Couric.

“I want the NFL to take a serious look at the medical value of cannabis, which they currently deny. I want them to stop testing players and stop punishing players for consuming cannabis, a substance that is safer at managing pain than what they’re currently prescribing.””..

Watch: More NFL players speak out on medical cannabis


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  1. Heheh, aamulla näin tän linkin ja kun aloin joku aika sitten kääntämään, huomasin että juuri samaan aikaan julkaisit tän kirjoituksen. 😀 Eli koppi otettu!

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